Biyan and The Goods Group Won Pia Alisjahbana Awards 2017


Pia Alisjahbana Awards 2017 (Pia Awards), a quinquennial fashion award event, was back for the third times. It was previously held in 2007 and 2012. The award event coincides with Jakarta Fashion Week 2018 that celebrates its 10 years of its existence in domestic fashion map.

Pia Awards is the validation for individual and institution that work in fashion industry, which in the last 5 years become agent of changes, role models, and great influencers as well as signifi-cance in domestic fashion industry. Such spirits go along well with Pia Alisjahbana's spirits, the woman who is a pioneer of being a motor and inovator in domestic fashion industry.

For the last six months, Pia Alisjahbana Awards team had been conducting closed selection process, looking for the nominee candidates in fashion and creative industry who were qualified for the basic requirements of the award.

Names of the candidates are processed into stwo tages of selection. The first selection is purely internal, conducted by media chiefs of Femina Group and representatives of Jakarta Fashion Week. The selection results 3 nominations to each category. The second stage is main selection, in-viting personas that represent various aspects in fashion and creative industry. This year's personas are Mari Elka Pangestu (creative economy expert), Triawan Munaf (Chairman of Indonesia Creative Economy Agency), Samuel Mulia (fashion and lifestyle observer), Itang Yunasz (senior fashion de-signer, Pia Alisjahbana Awards 2013 winner), Yoris Sebastian (CEO of OMG Consulting, marketing expert), Lynda Ibrahim (columnist, fashion writer), and Irma Hardisurya (Indonesian fashion journal-ism pioneer).

The selection process of Pia Alisjahbana Awards 2017 considered three main aspects, namely agent of change, role model, and big influencer and significance in domestic fashion industry. The three aspects were strained to points of judgement, among others were innovation scope, social em-powerment, business performance, and wider positive influence than merely commercial and per-sonal interests. Those spirits are parallel with Pia Alisjahbana's spirits that needs to be inherited to the next generations through this awarding, adding to its impotance for the flourishing of the future Indonesian fashion industry.

This year's Kategori Individu (Individual Category) winner was given to Biyan Wanaatmadja, a senior fashion designer and fashion entrepreuner whose great performance becomes one of the domestic fashion design development benchmarks. His name is on the list of prominent Asian de-signers. Biyan was considered none to second in these aspects: creativity, business model inovation, public taste education, and a role model to young designers.

The winner in Kategori Institusi (Institution Category) went to The Goods Group, a business group that has a great deal of support to advancing creative industry, including fashion in larger con-text, in young generation, by educating public on well curated quality products. The Goods Group was considered winner in aspects of business model inovation, market diversification, and community building to players of fashion and creative industry.

"It takes hard works to be recognized internationally. It takes a long journey to be great," Svida Alisjahbana, CEO of Femina Group, comments on Biyan. "He gives inspiration to people. Kita need a next generation that can reflect succesful designs and perseverance Biyan has modelled con-sistenly."

Meanwhile, the jury won The Goods Group for right reasons. Triawan Munaf reveals, "The Goods Group encourages young people to move forward." Adding to that, Mari Elka says, "Its influ-ence to public is not only helping local designers, but also creating trend."

The previous winners of Pia Alizjahbana Awards 2007 was Oscar Lawalata, and in 2012, Pia Alisjahbana Awards Kategori Individu was handed to Itang Yunasz, meanwhile the Kategori Institusi was delivered to Okke Hatta Radjasa, representing Cita Tenun Indonesia organization.

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