NTO : Nurture.Teach.Observe : the best education for our children !" didirikan dengan Ilmu, Pengalaman dan Kasih seorang Ibu, didedikasikan untuk para orangtua.


NTO provides a secure, nuturing, and educationnal environment suitable for children : a place for children to bloom into responsible, considerate and contributing members of society so that children are able to achieve excellence in learning and academic achiement by means of inquiry and critical thinking and by creatinga desire for lifelong learning.

Who is NTO Daycare Preschool Kindergarten?

An academic, theme-based curriculum is the core learning foundation at NTO International Daycare. Each week introduces the classes to a new and exciting thematic unit that is incorporated in the week’s activities and centres. A letter of the alphabet is featured each week and is integrated into classroom lessons along with the each month’s Shape, Colour and Number. Parents are informed of each thematic unit, classroom activities and events through NTO International’s Monthly Calendar as well as the classroom Weekly Newsletter. Montessori’s Education Programme believes that by communicating these themes to parents, learning can continue and be reinforced outside of the classroom.

Every classroom, including the facilities, follows an exclusive and unique curriculum developed by our founder, Mrs. Novita Tandry from her intense research and years of educational experience. The curriculum is an ever changing work in progress – as student’s intellectual skills mature and they show more and more interest in wonders of learning and developing, the curriculum changes with them. Each class is large enough to accommodate group learning but small enough to allow individual growth and challenge.

A pint-sized introduction to the world around them through song, group art projects and play leads these growing passengers to learn how to embrace their curiosity and independence while also learning the value of teamwork.

As the children move up to a new class, new and challenging programmes and subjects become available to them. Art Class and structured Physical Education begin in the Tumble Tots and not just that, students will also enjoy such programmes as Cooking Class, Computer Class, Language Arts, Mathematics, Biology, Science, Health & Nutrition, English, Bahasa Indonesia, Music Appreciation, Life Skills, Basic Geography and Current Events. For our older kindergarteners we coordinate weekly special classes such as martial arts, gymnastics/dance class.

NTO programme is also based on the principle that the child will learn in an environment that is stimulating with experience that will enable the child to grow physically, intellectually and socially. Through a balance of structured play, explorational learning and group participation children develop as whole and complete individuals. Children in the centre will experience:

  • Quality and meaningful interactions with staff.
  • Guided group activities which develop a sense of care and respect for others as well as a healthy self image.
  • Programmes that are culturally diverse yet appropriate.
  • Programmes that fosters self-reliance and self-esteem in a positive environment to safely develop the social behaviours which lead to independence and self control.
  • Guidance in a positive way.
  • A Value of all children as individuals.

Programmes will accommodate diverse abilities and ensure that children are treated with-out bias regardless of ability, gender, religion and culture.


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